Eat.Move. Be Healthy. Series One: Elements of Healthy Living Live Now!!

In this my launch series I discuss the 3 elements that I believe are essential to healthy living. I look at what I think is the best diet for you and speak to experts to discuss your role in your healthcare, what to consider when choosing the best exercise to do and we find out why a positive mindset is so important. 

Join me each Friday at 4pm for the next episode in the current series. Series Two: Fertility to Menopause starts in September.



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My Podcast: The latest episode "Supporting The community One Espadrille at a Time".

I speak to Joanna Hamer of Juta Shoes on the rise in popularity of social enterprises, exactly what they are and how they make money.

We discuss how learning a new craft helps you to value and appreciate the talent in others which ultimately benefits us all. Warning: you may just unleash your inner hippie.