Well done you are at least halfway through your first day!!!

How did you get on?

Most people find the first day fairly simple and without issue – you’ve only just started after all. I think it is because (like any new relationship) you’ve made it a priority, given it some thought and committed.

Today I include a Red Rice Risotto recipe  – made without wine and cheese!

NB **You can substitute the red for brown rice as they have similar nutritional profiles and harvesting processes.

Throw in whichever vegetables you have to hand and serve with grilled fish for dinner. Save some for lunch tomorrow!

The risotto recipe calls for stock (vegetable or chicken). If you don’t have time to make your own you can use Marigold Swiss Vegetable Bouillon powder (available at most supermarkets) as it is made from real vegetables.

Home made chicken stock however is easy to make, very nutritious and can be frozen in batches. Add to almost any dish to for flavour or spice it up a little and enjoy as a soup. 

Look out for my note, DAY 2 tomorrow with further motivation, tips and recipe ideas.

Yours in health & fitness,