Well Done and Congratulations on a New You!
My final instruction to you is to take your measurements once more and compare the results. In the ‘Getting Started’ email & video I asked you to measure your circumference:

  • at the waist,
  • 7cm above the belly button and
  • 7cm below the belly button.

Don’t be alarmed if there’s little change to your weight and/or measurements. It is only been 7 days and the significance of change depends largely on how bad your diet was beforehand and how much excess weight you were carrying to begin with.

Measure your progress in the way you feel too. Most clients report feeling less bloated, energised and inspired to continue with some of the newly acquired healthy habits.

As promised, I’ve attached the RULES for the Mediterranean style diet. These guidelines are a general overview of a healthy way to eat moving forward.

In today’s video I discuss these rules in a little more detail.

You may repeat this 7 day programme at any stage should you need to. However, I urge you to give yourself an honest chance at implementing the guidelines before abandoning it altogether or reverting to your old ways.

Thank you for taking part in this 7 Day Kickstart Programme. I do hope you come away from it feeling inspired to persist in your efforts to live & eat healthy!

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Yours in Health & Fitness