The Half Term Challenge – DAY 1

Today’s 20min workout targets the lower body, particularly legs & butt.

There are 2 separate videos of 10min each as YouTube wont allow me to load a single video longer than 15min.

Each minute is split into 45sec of work and 15sec recovery/rest. For optimum effect stick to the the time interval breakdown so have your clock or timer to hand.

Video Part 1: WATCH NOW

  1. Star Jumps or Running on the Spot
  2. Reverse Lunge Kickbacks R
  3. Reverse Lunge Kickbacks L
  4. Gate Openers R
  5. Surfers
  6. Gate Openers L
  7. Skaters
  8. Hitch Kick R
  9. Squat thrust
  10. Hitch Kick L


Video Part 2: WATCH NOW

  1. Side Linge R
  2. Russian Kicks
  3. Side Lunge L
  4. Tuck Jumps
  5. Dog Leg & Hip Hike R
  6. Mountain Climbers
  7. Dog Leg & Hip Hike L
  8. All Fours Glute Kickbacks R
  9. All Fours Glute Kickbacks L
  10. Glute Bridges with Toes Up.

* Increase the work interval to 50sec followed by a a 10sec recovery
* Feel free to include resistance bands or dumbbells for a higher intensity.
* Repeat the 20min circuit for a second time.

Enjoy it!