You’ll have a grasp of what you can and can’t eat by now. You may even have re-discovered a liking for a certain type of food.

It’s not uncommon to feel a little low today. If you do, then watch this short clip on how to to push through….

Try this:  Fresh Lemon & Ginger Tea perfect for digestion – ( recipe below ).

Peppermint tea along with Fennel Tea is also good for digestion.

  • Simply pour boiling water over freshly picked peppermint leaves that have been gently rinsed and crushed to release the essential oil & flavour.
  • Allow to steep before drinking.
  • For Fennel tea, crush fennel seeds and pour boiling water over them.
  • Allow to steep before straining and drinking.
  • The longer they steep the stronger the flavour.

Have a cuppa on me and check back tomorrow for some mid-week motivation in my note – DAY 3.

Yours in health & fitness