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My name is Rochelle Butler, I am passionate about health, wellness & fitness and have worked in the industry for over 20 years. I grew up in South Africa and excelled at athletics and netball at school. I was awarded Sport Woman of the Year in my final year. My enjoyment of sports and outside activities was probably encouraged by a sunny climate and also by my father, who played professional football.

Looking back its easy to see that my holistic approach to health and living is influenced by own upbringing. My grandmother lived on a nearby farm and kept us supplied with raw milk , free range eggs and home farmed beef and chickens. My other grandmother taught me how to treat minor ailments with traditional poultices and everything else besides with cod-liver oil!

My introduction to homeopathy came at the age of ten when my mother, faced with an invasive medical procedure wanted to take a holistic approach to her treatment. Our local homeopath provided the solution. Through my mother’s direct experience the whole family became patients and advocates for homeopathy.

I first qualified in reflexology, aromatherapy and sports massage and learned the value of hands-on, physical therapy. However, realising that I wanted to affect people’s health on more than just a physical level I began my training in homeopathy and transferred to the UK where I completed my course in London becoming a registered Homeopath in 2003.

While studying homeopathy, I continued to practice my physical therapies in various clinics in west London. I worked with many well renowned practitioners of varying disciplines who influenced and helped me to nurture my approach to healthcare. I opened my own practice in Fulham, where later, I was introduced to  The Personal Training Centre, a buisiness that shared an equally holistic approach to healthy living and their studio allowed me to introduce my treatment sessions to its exercise programmes. This proved to be a very positive alliance and we joined forces offering complimentary services. I qualified as a fitness instructor formalising my knowledge of the corrective exercises I was already prescribing.

My practice continues to evolve and grow as I focus on providing patients/clients with practical and simple ways to live more healthily. I empower clients to take back responsibility for their own health through exercise, nutrition, physical therapies and remedies where necessary.

During our consultations I will assess your current health, lifestyle and diet and then prescribe (as necessary) homeopathic medicines, supplements, physical therapy, specific exercises as well as make nutritional & lifestyle recommendations that will help you to achieve improved health.

At The Personal Training Centre I am able to provide access to other healthcare professionals such as physiotherapists, osteopaths and nutritionists and have worked closely with surgeons and GP’s. Their collaboration helps me to provide a true holistic approach to my client’s healthcare.

Mobile: 07944 679 976
Email: info@thepersonaltrainingcentre.com

Rochelle Butler

LCH Homeopathy, ITEC Massage & HFI Fitness Instructor, Owner & Director of The Personal Training Centre