Personal Training Packages



  • Package of 10 x 1hr sessions…………£ 75 per hour* (£750)
  • Package of 20 x 1hr sessions…………£ 70 per hour* (£1400)
  • Package of 30 x 1hr sessions…………£ 65 per hour* (£1950)

* For your safety and to ensure that you get the most out of your training with us we require all our clients to undergo a Health Screen & Fitness Assessment prior to the commencement of any exercise programme with us.

This can be counted as the first two of your block of sessions or paid for separately. The results from the assessments (two separate 1hr appointments) influence the focus, intensity and structure of your training sessions to ensure maximum efficacy. You will receive a copy of the reports.


HEALTH SCREEN & FITNESS ASSESSMENT £150 includes the following:

Fitness Assessment (1hr):

  • Fitech Computerised Assessment to test Aerobic Capacity including VO2 max
  • Bodystat Body Composition Analysis
  • Blood Pressure Test
  • Lung Function Test
  • Grip Strength
  • Personality Profiling Questionnaire to determine your approach to exercise and how to best to present your sessions.


Structural & Functional Analysis (1hr):

  • An consultation with our osteopath, Tim Mills to assess your Structure & Posture and overall Musculoskeletal Functioning.


  • The option for a Nutritional Consultation to assess and review your current dietary regime is available and will count as a third session or an additional cost of £75. The report will highlight dietary and lifestyle factors that are currently affecting your weight. Should you wish to take on a more structured nutritional programme our 7week Naturopathic Nutrition Programme is available at an additional cost as supplements and herbs are prescribed.
  • DNA Analysis & Genetic Testing provides your unique genetic blueprint regarding genes that influence nutritional & physical traits to help select the most appropriate diet & exercise regime for you and your fitness goals. Additional cost £129.



– ideal as a gift or introduction to the workings of The Personal Training Centre.

Includes – Comprehensive Health Screen & Fitness Assessment as described above in Option B:

  • 1hr Computerised Fitness Testing and Screening -printed report of results provided
  • 1hr Osteopathic/Physiotherapy Consultation -printed report of results provided
  • 1hr Nutrition Consultation – printed report of results provided


3x 1hr personal training sessions



Useful in regaining strength and putting movement through the system while recuperating.
Gentle stretching and massage techniques incorporated. Proved most successful when we are able to communicate with your healthcare professional ie physio, surgeon, GP etc.
Sessions are purchased as normal but can be carried out in 30min sessions where appropriate.



Please ask for further details on the following.

  • Consultancy – let us design and kit out your home or office gym from flooring to equipment or even staffing and managing. Examples of past projects available.
  • Corporate Contracts – from one-off health screening or continuously providing personal training to key staff or all employees. Testimonials available.

PTC Trainers

Rochelle Butler

LCH Homeopathy, ITEC Massage & HFI Fitness Instructor, The Personal Training Centre