Day 5 tomorrow  is ‘CRUNCH’ Time and the Day many People find the Toughest.
We’re past the half way mark and the end is in sight.
Your body is beginning to respond to your efforts:

  • Your gut flora will be adjusting. This is often evident in the state of your tongue which may feel ‘hairy’ or have a white coating. According to TCM (Traditional Chinese Medicine) this is a sign of ‘cleansing the heat’ and common while detoxing or eliminating toxins.
  • Your tummy may be feeling flatter (less bloated) and your bowel movement pattern may have changed, becoming more regular and more complete and perhaps (at this stage) still a little loose.
  • Your energy levels and mood should be improving. Many people report feeling healthier and more vital at this stage.
  • Your sleep quality should improve (deeper, more restful) but you may also be experiencing vivid dreams. I have no  idea why this happens but enough people have reported it to note it as a possible side-effect or symptom of cleansing.

If you’re struggling with will power my advice is to distract yourself to avoid succumbing to temptation or giving in to the feeling of pity. Read. Meditate or take on some gentle exercise and breathe!

Today I include 2 short videos that will help you do just that.

  1. VIDEO 1: Breathing techniques to clear the air passages and rid the lungs of any trapped stale air.
  2. VIDEO 2: A simple yoga/stretch routine to open the chest to optimise breathing and strengthen the postural muscles. Much of the twisting and crunching movements use the abdominal muscles in such a way to massage the internal organs like the intestines, liver and gall bladder to facilitate digestion and elimination.

Hang in there…check back tomorrow for note, DAY 5

Yours in health & fitness,