Wow! You’ve completed 5 days without chocolate, take- away, coffee, wine, beer……and guess what, you’re fine. 

Time for reflection.

Its important to identify every change in attitude and habit that may have occurred this week. It may seem trivial but it will go along way to helping you carry the positive habit forward.

Watch this video where I discuss some of the positive changes you may have experienced thus far.

All that remains is for you to acknowledge the steps you’ve taken toward living healthily and commit to that being your new way forward.

  • You could for instance decide to regularly make some staples like a mixed salad to keep in the fridge ready to add to any meal.
  • Make a soup or stock to to freeze in batches and use as needed.
  • Perhaps commit to eating fish at least twice a week.
  • Use fewer condiments and flavour your food with herbs and spices instead.
  • Start each day with some yogic breathing techniques.

In this way the small changes really can be the start of even bigger ones.

Tomorrow in note, DAY 6 I’ll share with you how to take these changes forward.

Yours in Health & Fitness,