That’s it. Tomorrow you’re Done and then What?

The 7 Day Kickstart Nutrition Programme is an opportunity to rest the digestive system, reset your blood sugar levels and prepare you for a continuing cleaner, healthier diet.

For continued effect and health benefits beyond these 7 days a few more foods can now be included like red meat and chicken and all fruit and vegetables. Even alcohol is allowed!

The follow-on nutrition programme is tailored to your individual needs and works on balancing the hormones that affect where you carry your weight. Like bingo wings, love handles, saddle bags etc. Its 6 weeks long and includes vitamins and mineral supplements.

The follow-on nutrition programme in general includes a mostly Mediterranean style of eating. Lots of fresh fruit & veg, plenty of seafood and fish, some chicken and very little red meat – see ratio below.

In the final note tomorrow,  I’ll include a more specific list and an overview on the rules for the general Mediterranean style diet.

For now, simply continue planning ahead and replenish your stock of staples like chicken stock and fresh produce so essential to eating clean.

Yours in health & fitness,