Final Prep – the day before DAY 1

You may be feeling apprehensive about starting tomorrow – don’t. If you’ve read through the suggested menu plan you received in the GETTING STARTED note you will have noticed that it’s all very palatable and tasty food.

You will have done most of your shopping and some food preparation by now. I find a batch of soup, a fruit salad and another fresh mixed salad is ideal as its quick to prepare and you’ll use it more than once in various combinations over the coming week.

If you’re super organised you can plan the whole weeks menu ahead of time but I do recommend that you at least think through the following day’s meals keeping in mind what your schedule involves and whether or not you’ll need to pack a meal.

If you have a fairly early start or an active busy morning I suggest you prepare the porridge oats option. It’ll keep you fuller for the long morning. Don’t forget to soak your oats – watch the video clip to see how to do it and why you should.

If you don’t usually have breakfast or find it difficult to eat first thing opt for the juice or smoothie option. See Cleansing Juice recipe below.

Check back later tomorrow and click on DAY 1 for more tips & recipes for you take forward & beyond these 7days.

Yours in Health & Fitness