Welcome and Well Done on Committing to this
7 Day Kick Start Nutrition Programme.

Before you begin there are a few things you should know. Watch the short video at the end of this email for a general overview but first read the email below.


  • Decide on a start date. Give yourself two days to go shopping and get yourself organised.
  • Shop for the foods allowed from the Shopping List.
  • Prepare foods that keep (like soups and salads) in advance.
  • Weigh & measure yourself. Take 3 measurements around the waist and trunk. One at the navel, another 7cm above the navel and a third measurement at 7cm below the navel. You’ll measure again and compare at the end of the week.
  • Familiarise yourself with the Suggested Menu Plan.
  • Familiarise yourself with the ‘RULES’ of the 7 Day Kickstart below.


  1. No Sugar or Processed Foods
  2. No tea, coffee, alcohol, fizzy drinks or fruit juice. Only drink herbal teas and water.
  3. No dairy foods like milk, cheese or yoghurt.
  4. No wheat-based wholegrains like pasta and bread.
  5. Only eat foods that are on the list. You don’t have to eat everything but varying it will keep it interesting.
  6. No condiments.Only flavour your food with herbs and spices.
  7. Snacks: Only if hungry. Eat two pieces of fruit between meals or vegetable crudities or a small cup of warm soup if you’re  really hungry between meals.
  8. Exercise: Be guided by your energy levels. Gentle, passive, restorative exercise like walks outside, yoga or stretching is encouraged.
  9. Exfoliate everyday. Use a loofah brush or dry towel to rub yourself down thoroughly before getting in to the shower/bath. It will stimulate your lymph flow and help you eliminate toxins.
  10. Rest as often as you can. No late nights or parties. You should be able to work or continue a regular schedule whilst on the programme.

Watch welcome & overview video here.

Check back here the day before your chosen start date for ‘The Day before Day 1’ note for recipe suggestions and ideas to start your week.

All the Best,